St Josephs Interior


About St. Joseph’s, Invergordon

1902-1979 Invergordon was part of Dingwall Parish.

1917 The American Navy built a timber hut with a tin roof as a chapel, just off the east end of the High Street in Invergordon. It was dedicated to St. Joseph and was served from Dingwall, often with one Mass a month.

1950’s St. Joseph’s now had Mass every Sunday, but the structure was failing with a leaking roof, and floor collapsing.

1958 Present St. Joseph’s Church built.

Fr. W. Davis, the Parish Priest (1953-61) acquired the new site by the Railway Station from British Railways. He ordered a prefabricated structure from REEMA CONSTRUCTION. It consisted of reinforced concrete panels, assembled on a concrete foundation. It cost £5985.

The first Mass was celebrated in it on the 4th Sunday of Advent, 1958.

1961-1979 The Parish Priest, Canon Bernard MacDonald, made additions to the interior, such as the lectern and Stations of the Cross.

1979 Invergordon became part of the new Parish of St. John Ogilvie, Easter Ross.

1998 Parish Priest, Canon Hugh Malaney, had a new Entrance Vestibule constructed. It was completed in May 1998.

2004 & 2006 Parish Priest, Fr. Michael Savage, had St. Joseph’s re-roofed (cost £9811) and a new hardwood floor laid (£8644)!

2010 Canon Bernard dedicated the St. John Ogilvie Window.

2011 Parish Priest, Fr. Richard Reese had the Hall Extension built